I. Didakhe:
The College has been publishing a bi-monthly theological journal called Didakhe since 1972, with a circulation of 5,200 copies. This is an important medium through which theological discussions on relevant issues are addressed. It is managed by an independent Board called ‘Didakhe Board of Aizawl Theological College’. Its members are: Rev. Prof. Tlanghmingthanga (Editor), Rev. Dr. K. Lallawmzuala, Rev. Vanlalrova Khiangte, Rev. Laldintluanga and Ms. Rosy Zoramthangi (Joint Editors), Rev. Lalfakawma Ralte (Manager).

II. Presbyterian Review: The Presbyterian Review is a quarterly English Magazine of the Mizoram Presbyterian Church. Rev. Prof. Vanlalnghaka Ralte is the Editor and he is assisted by members of the College Faculty: Rev. Dr. Lawmsanga, Prof. Lalnghakthuami, Rev. Dr. H. Vanlalruata, Rev. Dr. H. Lalrinthanga, Mr. Lalsiamkima, Rev. Laldingluaia (Manager).

III. Mizoram Journal of Theology: Mizoram Journal of Theology, a theological journal in English, is also published bi-annually since 1999. For this year the Principal Rev. Prof. C. Lalhlira is the Editor, while, Rev. Dr. P.R. Hmuaka is the Manager, and Rev. Prof. V.S. Lalrinawma, Prof. T. Vanlaltlani, Dr. Lalrindiki Ralte and Rev. R. Vanlaltluanga are Associate Editors.

IV. College Magazine: The College Magazine is another annual publication. It normally carries English as well as Mizo articles. It is primarily the Students’ Body that takes up the responsibility of publishing the Magazine with the help of the College Faculty.

V. Theological Textbooks: The Mizo Theological Literature Committee (MTLC) is responsible for the publication of theological textbooks and other useful reference books in Mizo. Most of these publications have undergone several reprints. The members of the Committee are drawn from all over Mizoram and the permanent Office Bearers are: Moderator, Mizoram Presbyterian Church Synod (Chairman), Principal, Aizawl Theological College (Secretary), Vice-Principal, Aizawl Theological College (Treasurer), Registrar, Aizawl Theological College (Manager).

VI. Special Publications: During the past few years, the College has brought out the following special publications:

1) Social Problems in the Mizo Context

2) Biblical Exegesis & Sermon Exposition

3) Calvina Zirtirna leh Mizo Nun (Calvinism in the Life and Thought of the Mizos) Vols. I, II & III

4) Westminster Thurin leh Welsh Thurin (The Westminster and Welsh Confessions)

5) ATC Hymn Book

6) Dictionary of Theological Terms (in Mizo)

7) History of Departments of the Mizoram Presbyterian Church

8) Kum Za Mel Lung (A.T.C. Centernary Souvenir)