Selection for Faculty Development Programme

The Synod Theological Education, in its meeting on March 18, 2016 has selected candidates for ATC Faculty development programme as follows:

A. Doctoral Studies
    1. Rev. Lalawmpuia Hauhnar (Old Testament)
    2. Rev. Laldingluaia (Christian Theology)
    3. Rev. K.M. Vanlalpeka (Counselling)

B. Master of Theology Studies
    1. Rev. P.C. Nghaklianmawia (New Testament)
    2. Rev. Vanlalliana (History of Christianity)
    3. Rev. Lalbiakhlira (Counselling)

        The above selected candidates will be forwarded to the Synod Pastoral Committee for approval. The final selection will be done in the MPC Synod Meetings which will be held in the second week of December this year.