Graduate and Postgraduate Studies

The College offers the following courses:

1. Bachelor of Divinity (B.D)
Bachelor of Divinity is a four-year degree course under the Senate of Serampore College. Graduates and Post Graduates from recognised Universities and B.Th. graduates are eligible to undertake B.D. studies, provided they pass the ATC entrance examination and interview.

2. Master of Theology (M.Th)
Master of Theology is a post-graduate degree course offered by the Senate of Serampore College. The duration of the course is two academic years. Candidates holding a Serampore B.D. (with B Grade, i.e., 60%) or its equivalent, along with required specialisation papers, are eligible to undertake M.Th. studies. At present, the College is offering M.Th. studies in six disciplines, namely – Old Testament, New Testament, Christian Theology, History of Christianity, Religions and Missiology.

3. Doctor of Theology (D.Th)
Doctor of Theology is a four-year residential doctoral programme offered by the Senate of Serampore College. Candidates holding a Serampore M.Th. (with B Grade i.e., 60% and above) or its equivalent are eligible to undertake this programme. The College offers the D.Th. programme in Christian Theology, New Testament and Missiology.

The College Session
The College follows the semester system for its B.D. and M.Th. programmes. The First Semester begins in June and ends in September. The Second Semester begins in mid-October and ends in mid-April. Examinations are conducted at the end of each semester. In March/April students have to write the College examination in addition to the Senate examination.

Examination Grading System
Examinations are conducted at the end of every semester. The pass marks for each subject are 40%. The grading system of the Senate of Serampore College is as follows:

First Class
A + 80 % Marks and above
A   75 % Marks
A – 70 % Marks

Second Class
B + 65 % Marks
B   60 % Marks
B – 55 % Marks

Third Class
C + 50 % Marks
C   45 % Marks
C – 40 % Marks

Failure: Below 40% Marks.