Field Education

Field Education-UrbanAs per the requirements of the Senate of Serampore College, B.D. students must undergo a field education programme, which has been credited since the 2010 academic session. If students fail to fulfil this requirement they will not be awarded their degrees.

        Field Education is an integral part of ministerial training in which all B.D. students are requested to actively participate. The faculty has determined a manual of field education for the College according to which field education programmes have been carried on.

        There are two kinds of field education: concurrent and intensive.

        Concurrent field education refers to those field education programmes undertaken concurrently in the academic sessions. It includes regular Sunday church visit, mission exposure, attending Presbytery meetings and practical exposure and reflection in relation to some of the courses of study.

        Intensive field education refers to those programmes conducted during semester break or winter vacation in an intensive manner at the length of 20 days each year. It includes working with NGOs for B.D. I, Urban and Rural Field Education for B.D. II, arrangement with Pastoral Ministry for B.D. III and Engagement in Pastoral ministry for B.D. IV. In every programme there will be orientation and reflective reports sessions.

        At present, Rev. Vanlalrova Khiangte is the Dean of Practical Work, while Rev. Dr. L.H. Rawsea is the Assistant Dean.