Bachelor of Christian Studies Admissions


A candidate at the time of admission to the B.C.S. degree course must satisfy one of the following conditions. He/She shall be –

1. A holder of Bachelor degree of a recognised Indian University.
A holder of the B.Th. Degree of Serampore College and has already passed the two qualifying English papers (B.Th. Paper Nos. 72&73)
A mature person who is at least 25 years of age and, was prevented for special reasons from pursuing his/her secular studies and is able to produce evidence to that effect and has been in full time vocation/ profession/ employment for two years and has passed the “Mature Candidates” Entrance Examination. The Mature Candidates Entrance Examination will be conducted by the Senate and will consist of seven papers (For details write to the Registrar, Senate of Serampore College).

2. A holder of the Diploma in Christian Studies of Serampore College (University) in II Class including two Qualifying English papers (B.Th. Paper Nos. 72&73). Such candidates shall be required to do the full B.C.S. Course.

Registration for the Course

The academic year for the B.C.S. degree course is January to December.

1. Application for registration as an External candidate must be made on the appropriate form obtainable from the Registrar on application, and sent directly to the Registrar together with fee (Application Set: Rs. 450/- and Registration Fees: Rs. 600/-) so as to reach before 31st October. An applicant must provide –
        a) Academic certificates or certified copies of academic qualification;
        b) Certificate of birth, registration or other acceptable evidence of date of birth;
        c) A satisfactory certificate of character from his/her appropriate church authorities; and
        d) Additional information and references that may be considered desirable in support of his/her application.

The registration fee must be sent by Demand Draft drawn in favour of the “Senate of Serampore College” and reach the Registrar on or before 31st October each year.

2. Application for registration which reaches the Registrar later than the specified date, may be received at the discretion of the Registrar, provided that it reaches him not later than 30th November of the same year on payment of a late registration fee (Rs. 400/-).

Dip.C.S. proceeding to B.C.S. Degree

Candidates desiring to proceed to B.C.S. degree course on completion of Dip.C.S. shall be expected to fulfil the following requirements:

1. Secure an overall B- (55%) Grade in the Senate examinations.
2. In addition to passing all the required papers as Senate examined, should also pass the following papers:
        a) The Life and Thought of Paul, The Apostle (Paper No. 7)
        b) Survey of Biblical History (Paper No. 9)
3. Pass two B.Th. English Qualifying Papers (Paper Nos. 72&73)
4. All examinations will be conducted by the Senate. Each paper will be given a weightage of 100 marks.

All communications concerning registration and examination shall be addressed to:

The Registrar,
Senate of Serampore College,
Serampore – 712201,
Dist. Hooghly, West Bengal.