As the College is a residential institution, accommodation is provided in the College for all students. There are Men’s Hostel and Women’s Hostel for single students in which single and double rooms are available. Students are provided with basic amenities in the hostel to make their stay comfortable and conducive to academic studies. The hostel common room provides facilities for fellowship and recreation (TV, Radio & Indoor games).

            Married students may apply for family accommodation. If such accommodation is not available they are advised to come alone and stay in the single students’ hostels. If for some compelling reasons, married students at any stage need to bring their families along with them, and if family accommodation is not available in the campus, they will have to make their own arrangements in Durtlang or Aizawl with the prior approval of the College authorities.

Students’ Family Quarters
a) Married students desirous of living in the students’ family quarters should apply to the college authorities for the same.
b) Only married students and their spouses and children will be eligible to reside in the family quarters. They are permitted to keep one domestic helper if required.
c) Such students shall be under the direct supervision of the Hostel Superintendent.
d) They should follow the same Hostel rules and directives as far as practicable, and participate in the weekly campus social work and community programmes.
e) Guests are not permitted to reside in the students’ family quarters for more than three consecutive days. If the guests are to stay for a longer period, permission should be obtained from the Vice-Principal through the Hostel Superintendent. At all times, the names of all guests should be intimated to the Hostel Superintendent.